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AAMCO Transmissions unethical business practices, ignore complaints, bait and switch with false advertising, rip off prices, WARNING
WARNING regarding AAMCO Transmissions!
AAMCO Transmissions
Steven R. Becht , President/CEO                                            :
12036 Cave Creek Road
Phoenix, AZ 85020
Look for this logo:Buyer Beware of AAMCO!!

For the FULL story visit: - Complaint 20473 or - Search Aamco Transmissions Cave Creek Rd. or - The Better Business Bureau

· I was offered a FREE estimate for transmission repair but was told the cost would be $395 (NOT FREE) after the truck was taken apart.

· After my truck was torn apart I had no transportation for work, I was held hostage by AAMCO & could get no further estimates. I was then told the repair would cost $650 in total labor. Electing NOT to repair the truck would still mean I have to pay $400 just to get it back with NO repair!

· I asked "Rob" if I could just get a rebuilt transmission put in for less money, but said it would cost more than $1300 which was a lie. I found a rebuilt transmission at $550 WITH a 12 month warranty (9 months more than the warranty from AAMCO)!! He lied!

· I presented a valid coupon from AAMCO and it was refused.

· I requested my 3 day right of rescission but was ignored. I was forced to sign documents and was provided NO copy only to learn I had been signed up for a credit card I did not want.

· I was willing to pay an amount based on what I would have paid had my vehicle been intact so I could exercise other options. This was also ignored.

· Parts were needlessly replaced from a recent repair at another shop and were not returned.

· The interior seat covers, steering wheel, floor and gear shift were left greasy and stunk!

· The turn signals no longer worked.

· There is now a whine when the truck is in neutral, the first two gears still stick and there is a knocking noise on the right side of the truck.

· I have called and sent multiple emails for the store owner with no offer of understanding to my situation.

As an individual - not some big company - I am struggling to keep my home and feed my family. This is why I told Rob I wanted an estimate which he would not give me until my truck was torn apart and the situation snowballed into this nightmare. If he had been honest and up front with me and given me just a "ballpark" estimate, I could have waited till I had the money or bought the less expensive rebuilt transmission. I would still have money to make my mortgage and credit card payments. In the end, I would have had trust and confidence in this company.

Instead, I was abused, treated disrespectfully and ripped off!

The preceding facts detail my recent experience while dealing with AAMCO Transmissions on Cave Creek Road in Phoenix. I do not have first hand information regarding service provided to anyone else. These facts are no guarantee that a future customer would receive the same lack of service, but this IS a WARNING!

A good business will provide good service at a fair price but when that business is faced with a problem, it is how they deal with it that will determine if they are a great business. So far, this Aamco owner and company have demonstrated they are neither.

My repeated attempts to communicate with this Aamco owner have been ignored. The matter has been sent to The Arizona Attorney General Consumer Protection Division, The Better Business Bureau, and the Federal Trade Commission. I am interested in negotiating an amicable solution to this matter if this owner would respond. However, after reviewing the facts in this situation it appears he thinks that neither he nor his employee's did anything wrong. He is not interested in doing what is right, honest or ethical much less FAIR!